How to Keep Fit When You’re Travelling

However, it can be difficult to establish an exercise routine when you’re on the go, that’s for sure. Contradictory, isn’t it? It’s easy to have one too many cocktails before bed, making you want to skip the gym the next morning to lay in your soft hotel’s bedsheets instead.

All the foreign foods can be tempting too. It’s normal to want to try new foods when you travel, making it easy to overindulge on holiday. Sometimes this means returning with a few extra kilos around our waist than you had when you left.

But there are a few simple ways you can stay fit during your vacation to deter the fat from those extra gelatos staying permanently on your stomach.


We’ve given you five simple ways to fit exercise into your daily travel routine below.

Corporate training apps into your daily routine

You won’t always stay in hotels that have a gym. And if this is the case, apps are your savior for beating the bulge. Two favorites are the Nike Training and Yoga Studio apps. Nike Training gives you short, high-intensity workouts that can be undertaken without any equipment. Yoga Studio offers step by step yoga routines, complete with videos, which help you stretch out in the mornings.

Pack a skipping rope and resistance band

You might be missing your weights routine at the gym, and packing dumbbells in your suitcase would be impractical. Instead, bring with you a skipping rope and some resistance bands. These are lightweight to carry and offer great exercise options. You can burn a lot of calories within a short ten-minute workout with a jump rope, and resistance bands will help you do weight exercises without the regular gym equipment.


Opt for biking and walking tours

The best thing about being on holiday is that you’re not desk-bound. But instead of choosing bus tours to see the sights, why not do something a little more active and incorporate your workout into your sightseeing? Many places offer great biking and walking tours that’ll help you stay fit while you explore a new place.

Use a step counter to motivate you while you site see

When you’re on these biking and walking tours, track your movements to help motivate you to do further exercise. If you can see how many calories you’re burning it’ll make your exercise feel more rewarding. We love the Runkeeper app for tracking running and cycling routines, and FitBit for tracking the number of steps you’re walking.

Eat your biggest meal at lunchtimes

Finally, the biggest curse of your holiday won’t be missing out on the exercise but overeating fatty (but tasty!) foods. And we don’t want to be a downer on your travels by advising you to exercise portion control with your delicious hotel buffet breakfasts. Have your biggest meal for lunch instead of dinner, and try not to eat anything after 8 pm. Your waistline will thank you for it!…